Saturday, March 30, 2013

A wonderful gothic campus in the middle of the Bozart

originally drafted December 2007

The South is less Bozart now than when Menken coined that term. Parts of us are even breaking off into the Beaux Art. Menken was a cheap shot artist anyway. There's a whole school of argumentation that gets along on cheap shots: they can be spotted for their dependence on slippery slope arguments and ad hominem; and they are rooted in fear - their own and the fear of the audience they hope to capture. I've tended to link them to a type of conservatism, but I must make this distinction: between conservatism that conserves and conservatism that resists change. Change, as Jung observed, is always coming, and the resistance against change is accomplished at great loss of energy. Jung observed of these conservatives that they barricade themselves behind barriers where they are certain to only meet people like themselves. But the psychic energy of change is far greater then the energy human beings can muster. One day gaps appear in the barricades.

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